Eva Wahlström is a six-time world champion professional boxer. Along with her sports career, she studied spatial design and furniture design at Aalto University. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts in 2018 and today works as a furniture designer, artist and corporate trainer.

“I see a lot of similarities with design and sport. Boxing is an art for me. I wanted my boxing to be beautiful and aesthetic, like dancing. In the furniture, I can see edges and directions similar to those that I have seen in boxing; with punches and movements there is a direction, they aim at certain angles to the opponent and it all happens inside a ropeclosed place. When it comes to furniture, it is the same thing: the structure which is related to each other in the midst of certain boundary conditions. While playing sports, I have come to understand positions where the body is strong and similar types of “positions” are also strong as structures of the body.furniture. My journey to become a furniture designer is exceptional and I hope my story is reflected in my products. It is important for me to design quality and timeless products that add value to people’s daily lives. “


The Whiskey chair has been responsibly produced as a home craft from quality elm / oak and beautifully colored Finnish chrome tanned leather.

Thanks to the character-filled elm / oak, each chair is unique. With production methods and material choices, we have sought to minimize the carbon footprint without compromising quality.

1950,00 € TTC