Drop design pool

The initial design of the Jacuzzis started already in 2008. For the Spa model, the design and testing started in Kuusisto, western Finland, in early 2018 and Drop Design Spa was launched at the Spring Fair 2019 in Helsinki.

The design was first sketched on paper and then carried out with a 3D program, including ergonomics, functionality and user experience testing. The mold was made with CNC milling. This mold was then used for the vacuum forming machine. Drop Design Spa is made of acrylic / fiber reinforced plastic.


Drop Design Spa is a masterpiece by great designer Nikolai Ruola where fabulous design is combined with user experience in a way that takes pleasure to a whole new level. The possibility of integrating the hot tub into the terrace, as well as a peaceful and elegant appearance, differentiates Drop Design Spa from its competitors.

Nikolai drew his inspiration from nature while enjoying the Finnish summer in his family’s summer cottage and watching the raindrops fall on the sea. Functionality and user experience being the guiding principles, he proposed the first drawings of Drop Design Spa. It has been designed in such a way that it is easy to integrate into the environment. After careful testing and refinement of the design, Drop Design Spa was launched in spring 2019 and is now the forerunner of minimalist and pure Scandinavian design for Jacuzzis.

The design ideology of Drop Design Spa comes from nature combined with a minimalist yet fully functional user experience. As a result, Drop Design Spa offers a luxury experience in harmony without the aggressive look typical of the Jacuzzi.

The challenge was to keep the Jacuzzi minimalist with all the functionality required for the massage system, control panel, filtering and cleaning system. The spa only has two control buttons required by the user while bathing and the rest are controlled with an app.


Interest in outdoor swimming pools has been on the rise for several years, and more and more homes now have an outdoor spa or hot tub. The relaxing properties of water are well known: hot water stimulates circulation and soothes muscles, joints and the mind.

In an outdoor spa, people look for comfort and elegant design, but also ease of use.

Electrically heated spas are always ready for use. The water only needs to be changed about three times a year.

Customers also appreciate Finnish quality and responsibility. All Drop Design Pool Jacuzzis are made in Finland, in the factory of the family business Nordic SPA in Salo.

The CO2 emissions generated by deliveries are 100% offset in the Jacuzzis. Drop also uses as many local materials as possible in the manufacture of the Jacuzzis, and also aims to increase the share of recycled and renewable materials.


Drop products are high quality handicrafts made in Finland.The Finnish Design of the Year award went to Drop by the “Association For Finnish Work”.Drop is the only outdoor spa to achieve this recognition for its elegant design.



Drop Spa is an outdoor spa with a beautiful design, ergonomic and easy to use. It offers real luxury in your garden or on your terrace.
The Drop Fire open fire is particularly versatile and can be used outdoors with firewood or charcoal. There is also a beautiful bioethanol burner that can be used in both closed and open spaces. You can also use its cover to use Drop Fire as a table.