BEdesign offers outstanding design pieces with a positive attitude, designed and manufactured from start to finish in Finland. The minimalist collection is inspired by the wilderness of the North and includes designer furniture and home accessories for private and public spaces. BEdesign wants to put a touch of beauty and positivity in your environment to help you create a harmonious and confident environment.
Our passion for nature comes from our childhood on a farm and we still draw our inspiration from the great wild spaces of the North. We love the beauty of the minimalist Nordic style, which has been an influence since the start of our BEdesign journey. The wild nature of the North and the time spent deep in the forests and sea-battered cliffs of the archipelago continue to inspire us on a daily basis. Our love for minimalist and clean lines draws on our family heritage in architecture and design.


Not only does BEdesign aim to create beautiful and functional design pieces, but BEdesign also works to create a more sustainable way of life. BEdesign strives to make a lasting positive impression, both in your home and on this planet. BEdesign chooses manufacturers who share their passion for craftsmanship and the smallest details. BEdesign wants to work with the best manufacturers committed to creating high quality parts with a long lifespan.
In addition to their own collection, BEdesign offers companies design products and tailor-made products. The products are sold all over the world.


BEdesign wishes to strengthen the position of Finnish design and know-how in Finland and in the rest of the world. All products are designed and manufactured in Finland, respecting the traditions of Finnish woodworking and metalworking. By keeping the entire manufacturing process in Finland, BEdesign can employ local professionals and thus support the local economy and the heritage of the Finnish furniture industry. In addition, this ensures the highest quality work as well as safe working environments and appropriate wages and benefits for employees.Behind the manufacturing process there is a large number of professional craftsmen behind which are hiding dozens and hundreds of families. Let’s make responsible choices together that will have an impact on our common future.


• Positive attitude

• Beauty & positivity

• Harmony and confidence

• High quality

• Minimalism & timelessness

• Sustainable responsibility

• National manufacture

• Traditional craftsmanship
BEdesing reflects a set of values of which we can be proud. We are committed to celebrating the beauty of life. Our greatest ambition is, and always has been, to put a touch of beauty and a positive attitude in your surroundings to help you create a harmonious and confident environment. An environment for you to feel comfortably.